Star Legend Winstar

Star Legend is large enough to pamper and entertain you, yet small enough to tuck into delightful tiny harbors and hidden coves that others can’t reach. This all-suite yacht completed renovation as part of the $250 Million Star Plus Initiative to provide more of what our guests love. New public areas, including two new dining venues, a new spa, elevated pool, and fitness area. The yacht also boasts all new bathrooms in every suite and a new category of Star suites, featuring a new layout. With ocean views and at least 277 square feet of suite comfort, Star Legend is the perfect yacht for luxury cruising. Carrying only 312 guests, (just 162 on our sailing!) Star Legend still tucks into small ports and narrow waterways unavailable to larger ships.

The food on the Star legend was good overall, could have been great. My husband had special dietary requirements (fat free) of which we informed Windstar, as requested. We were informed we would meet with the Executive Chef (EC) once we boarded the yacht. We did meet very briefly with him at our first dinner onboard, and he assured us he understood the dietary requirements. Unfortunately every meal was a battle to get what was requested. The staff were amazing and the Maitre`d and the assistant Maitre`d were awesome, yet embarrassed by the EC lack of understanding & arrogance! The EC made it obvious that he was not willing to work with any dietary requests!

We met other passengers who had the same problems with EC! One couple, in particular gave the food on our sailing a D-, compared to previous sailings on Windstar to which they always gave the food an A or A+.

We would sail on Windstar again, only if we knew that this EC was not on board!

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