Japan Airlines Business Class on the 787 Dreamliner.

Japan Airlines Executive Class serves beautiful food, in flawless Japanese style. There’s a choice between a Japanese meal and a Western meal but I’m telling you, order the Japanese meal if you like Japanese food. In Executive Class, passengers receive a beverage after take-off. Once drinks are served, everyone receives the same amuse-bouche. Our Japanese meal set was as follows.
Selection of Nine Seasonal Colorful Delicacies in “Kobachi” Bowls.

My Husband decided on the western main course option , a perfectly cooked fillet.


I enjoyed the Japanese option of salmon with pork belly which was delicious, my meal was complemented with a great cold Sake.


I have to say one of the highlights was the Japanese curry from JAL’s anytime menu, it was so good my husband had two servings.


3 thoughts on “Japan Airlines Business Class on the 787 Dreamliner.

  1. I always choose the ‘local’ food over the western food when flying… I’m always interested in what they come serve me. Hope you’re having fun!

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