The first thing to hit us as we set out to discover Hanoi, on a wet Sunday morning, was the noise & chaos on the streets ! Crossing the street was like a game of chicken, and you just have to go for it, & hope you made it to the other side without a collision with the thousands of motorcycles! Street vendors are cooking up a storm of every variety of noodles and bizarre ingredients. The street side cafés have very, very, very small stools with everyone packed around, and deep in conversation. We were met today by Dory and Quin from http://www.hanoikids.org who were our guides for the day, a donation is all that is expected. This was an amazing way for us to experience Hanoi, through the eyes of the locals. We started out at the Temple of Literature, then by foot through the Old Town to the Maison Central (Hanoi Hilton) where we were enlightened to the disparity in treatment of the American POW and their own Vietnamese prisoners. Next a lunch of fried eel & noodles, followed by egg coffee, all delicious, and lunch for 4 less than $10 !
We ended our day by having a couples hot stone massage and steam bath at a spa, just blocks from our hotel.
The one great thing about travel is that you meet locals, and here in Hanoi the beauty of the people is in their warm and friendly smiles and willingness help you get the most out of your time here.
Now out for dinner, another local specialty Chau Ca. After dinner the Night Market.










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